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Child Development

Fun & Creativity



We believe art is a way of expression. Children use their fine-motor skills and imaginations to create their own artwork to express their thoughts and feelings.



Not only do we always have music playing throughout the center, but we also have instruments to create our own music. We learn about beat, rhythm, and tempo!



We love to have dance parties and activities to encourage children to move their bodies! We prioritize the development of gross motor skills indoors and outdoors daily.


Social & Emotional

We support children in creating bonds with other children and staff. We are committed to teaching children responsibility and independence. Supporting a child's emotions and feelings helps them understand themselves and others. 


Language & Communication

Fostering verbal and non-verbal communication is crucial to a child's success. We begin working on these skills at an early age by using sign language to express their needs. We then transition from using one way communication to two way communication using words, phrases, and short sentences.


Outside Play

We have a fenced in, outdoor play area with a variety of play equipment. Our yard includes a cement area for riding bikes and cars. This includes basketball hoops and a snack area. There is also a grass area with climbing equipment and slides. We also do water play throughout the summer!


Science & Sensory

The world is filled with science and the beautiful nature around us. We take advantage of this by learning through hands-on experiences and immersing ourselves in our daily learning.


Imagination & Creativity

Our children are provided with toys and materials that allow them to expand their imagination and utilize their creativity. This also gives them the chance to engage in pretend play, teaching them about real-world experiences. 


Numbers & Math

We make numbers and math fun by using different manipulatives, which allows for children to learn the best way they know how, through play! Counting dinosaurs, stacking blocks, and using Play-Doh are some of our favorite ways to practice math! 

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